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Dansu. Dansu. [28 Sep 2003|12:18am]
[ mood | distressed ]

Three entries today. But this one is just like, I dunno. I'm too lazy to log off Koppu and post it under Chie. Which is where this post probably belongs.

I'm just really sick of feeling like a nobody. I know I'm not... really.
But I always feel so second-rate.
So... "well if there isn't anyone else."
So... "She's okay I suppose."

And I'm soooo paranoid about that.
I'm never ever going to be honest with people.
And I'm never ever going to really say what I want.
Because I am so afraid that people will look at me and be like... "Why are you even bothering?"

Kay. Hmm... That's all. There was more but I deleted it due to major-depressiveness. You guys don't need to hear that shizz' yo! :P

Melanie = Self Conscious to the hundredth power.


Random Quiz ... ENTRY #2 [27 Sep 2003|10:12pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Since I don't post quiz results in chie, and thought this was funny. LOLOL.

Church tonight was bad... by the way. LONG PRESENTATION about money... again. So all you LifeTeen folks should be VERY EXCITED.... :P

And I hate it when people ignore me. ROFL. :P


Dunno! Recap of Yesterday. Nothing happened today. [27 Sep 2003|03:05pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Dear Koppu,

Yesterday I didn't update. [SORRY!!!!!!] But that's only because I was busy. Well, sort of anyways. I would've updated right away after school but it wasn't really very eventful. I'll post now though.


We took our Polyatomic Ions quiz thing.... I got 16/15 on it. YAH. Ho ho. I studied for a while.... I'm really nervous about this crap test we have on Monday... its all like... math stuff... and I never know what to study. So its not like I can just read and memorize. UGH @ that. I worked on my pre-test all hour though; and drew a TOASTER RAVINE picture. It was quite awesome, if I do say so myself. Amanda also introduced two characters into my story. Troubled Fan and Anxiety Beast. LOL. They are funny. And I think Toast and the rest of the Breakfast crew will accept them.

Cleanup day. LOL. I hate these... though, PineSol does smell pretty ... LEMONY. [sounds like my name; rearranged. HA.] Then after that I graphed some equations for Maaath. Yadda. Yadda.

We had an on-the-computer test. And we were allowed to go online and look up images and stuff for it... I didn't really do that. I just sort of did divs and stuff. I didn't do all the CSS crap at the top -- since we were supposed to change the font in areas and its hard to do that with those overrides on top. I did real good on my image maaap. That was the part I was worried about. We have like, a half hour in class to do it on Monday-- but I'm all done. Hmm. Maybe I'll do my Math Homework. Instead of today.

I'm liking that.

They have crap at lunch, they really do. I waited like ten minutes in line, bought yogurt and ate two spoonfuls. I'm just not going to buy anything til they have decent stuff. Really, now. What waste of my parents money. LOLOL.

Algebra 2
UGH. We did Story Problems, and he knows I hate these. So when he passed out the packet he's like "Oh what a beautiful day!" And I was like "Um, no... Its raining out!" and then I looked at the packet and wanted to hand it back. Ugh. Surprisingly... after a deep confusion on the first problem... I got the hang of what I was going. [OMG.] and only got lost again on the last problem. Hmm. Worked a little bit on my homework but got stuck on a problem and just sort of did nothing after that.

American Lit
We took notes at the beginning of class .. ya...da..daa.... BUT THEN! We started to do a play, and we took like forever to arrange our desk and the players in the skit went in the middle. Of course, I didn't volunteer. I haaaate doing that sort of thing. But it was really funny to watch them all up there. Mrs. Peshek just started laughing people people sounded so "White". [The play takes place in the Ghetto.]. I should've participated, foo! I woulda RocKEd Up d a JoinT!


This was a verrrrry sucessful mall trip. When we got there I ran right to GameStop and bought my DDRMAX2 game... ataa.. I love it. It is so fun. Kay.

Then we went to eat at the food court and I split Teriyaki Chicken from Sarku Japan with my mom... She ate most of it, I was having trouble chewing again last night. I ate some of my little brother's curley fries and stuff. It was an alright meal. I had eaten some breadsticks after school when I went to pick up my check [FOR 30.01!!!!] from work.

I left early so I could spend more time in Waldenbooks. I read the ending of Chobits, since I'm too cheap to buy it. Hmm... and then I went to the Humor section. They had two books I really really really wanted.
1. 505 worst websites
2. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy.
OMG. The MDoOB was like... the most random book I've ever seen in my life and if it weren't like 20 dollars I would've bought it. I think I might buy it, actually. I have a gift certificate for like 5 dollars. I'll buy it later.

After Waldenbooks my mom and I went around shopping for pants. I found a lot that I liked.... but they were really expensive. They had a good sale going on at JC Penney, though. So I got two pairs there. LOL. I went down 3 sizes. Since School. Awesome? I think so.

Then we just wandered for a while; looked at Sears. They had nice pants but my mom was like "THEY ARE TOO LOW." And since I didn't want them that bad; we just left with the ones I bought at Penneys.

On the way home from the mall we stopped at Kohls and I saw Kimberly theeerreee.. But I couldn't talk long because I was supposed to be on a quick mission. That store is really big; I can't believe I've never been there before. Hmm. I couldn't find what I wanted though; so we left.


I plaaayed this thing forever. Um. I unlocked about 5 songs so far... its going so slow. I want them all available--- like now. I AA'd one of the songs on Heavy right away... but like, I hit back and so I couldn't play the secret stage. Made me mad. Its really worth it though... I was excited.


  • My little brother bought a GameCube last night. I don't know why. We have like a hundred game systems already. His money would've been better spent funding something for me LOLOL.
  • I have decided that it would be extremely fun/entertaining/exciting to put Christmas Lights on the giant tree outside my window. I think it would be fun; although... if I ever woke up and my curtains were open--- it might resemble a hoarde of animals. If they were red lights. Oh, you know. LOL. THE HORROR STEREOTYPE STUFF. Yeah I thought it was funny. Um. But I will do that; it'd be pretty. Especially when there is snow on the tree. ... Oh yeah. But first they need to trim the branches. One of these days its gonna break my window. I dunno when the tree got that big. Heh!
  • I found my 4th grade picture... see I went to Traeger in 4th grade; when it was new... so.... they weren't organized enough for a yearbook- so each class got a picture. And I found it. Everyone.. looks... so... little. And some of these people... man.. I haven't seen them in ages. Its crazy.
  • I cleaned my room times infinity today. It looks really awesome....except I haven't vacuumed the floor yet. [You wouldn't want to lug it upstairs either.] I will do that soon gthough... and I will also vacuum up that daddylong leg spider that's on my cieling corner. Thank god that's the only spider I've seen in my room. <3 @ its newness.

Kay.... LOL. I'd post pictures and crap again but I'm way too lazy. This should be okaaaay for the day. Though... wait.

I wish I weren't so shy bout everything. ROFL. YEAH ME SHY? WTF? I am. Um. And its annoying to me. I'm just like "OHHH I DUNNO. MAYBE."

I'm soooooooooo indecisive. UUGHH....

And Also, I wish I had gone to that Badger Classic Game today. I am upset about that. I thought I was going with my family; but they changed their mind. So I never signed up. *le sigh*
Now I should be studying later. Hmm...

That's all.

mel ch an u u


Long Picture Post. LOL. [25 Sep 2003|07:18pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Dear Koppu,

Heheheh. Kay. Today. What can I say about today? It was fun. Which is saying something for a Thursday. Ewww. *love* Let us start from the beginning, like we always do. Dun dun dun....

Today was basically a work-day and I love work-days to death. If our teacher weren't some sort of psychotic interesting individual, it would be better though. In the beginning of class he started out asking for questions on the assignment. Which I actually had for once. But then. He's like "I changed my mind. Take out a calculator and put everything away!". So we took a quiz on Sig Figs. Yaaaaah. It was the same thing we did before. Then later on when Amanda and I went up to have our Lab Sheet checked... he was like "Heh heh heh. That quiz was a trap!". And I'm just like "Uhh... okaaayyy!! :D" Because I really don't want to hear about his plots. Unless they involve me getting money. Like my binder; I got two dollars off that. I lost my notes--- but gained money. Its a tricky one to call. LOL. I got a lot done on my pre-test which was really exciting. He moved our test to MONDAY THANK GOD, too. So that was like the HIGHLIGHT of my Chemistry Class. Unfortunately for me.... we still have this crappy IONS test tomorrow. Ew@ Ions. I don't care about them. Maybe, you know, when I am a waitress for the rest of my life; I'll need to know. LOLOL.

I'm getting clever with the titles; did you notice that? ROOM. Ho ho ho. Anyways. Today was a "Let's go to the LGB Room!" Day. I hate these days. I tried doing my Algebra 2 homework in there; and got a bit done. But like. I found it very difficult to concentrate with....
Person #1: DO WE AGREE?
Person #2: YES.
Person #3: NO.
Person #1: *repeats self x 20*
Person #3: OH OKAY.
Person #2: Oh I changed my mind!

Actually that didn't happen. Not exactly like that. I'm just summarizing. LOLOL. I guess they had like 600 billion dances planned within the next day few months. They cancelled about 500 billion of them and moved them to later dates. Dances are fun.

I got up to problem 19 on my homework though...... And I did it all right. And I was just like. Ecstatic. You have no idea.

This Class = Boring. Kay. Like. I sit. On the computer. Doing nothing. osidjfoijsdf. We have a quiz tomorrow... and I'm still not quite sure how to do image maps. I think its like this....
< img src = "blah.gif" usemap ="#crapmap" alt="hahaha">
< map name="crapmap" >
< area shape=RECT COORDS="4,45,3,4" href="crap.html" >
< / map>
Hahahhaa ewww.
Anyways, I shopped eBAY today. I didn't buy anything but I looked up stuff. That was incredibly fun. I also looked up images on GOOGLE.
Searches: Ugly People, Night Driving, Anime Fan Art, Weird People.
It was really exciting.
Alex wasn't feeling too good to-day either. Neither was Kendra. So it was dumb. Yaay@ That.

I didn't get Yogurt today. No. I got ICE CREAM. I ate half the container. Which is like, a lot. I think. [ I did eat today though, Rachel. A lot more than I should've. :X ] Then I helped Jenna with her homework and took the customary HALLWAY TRIP with Beth.

Algebra 2
Omfg it was a WORKDAY. I WAS SO HAPPY. Two workdays all in one 6 hour period. I got 3-4 done and I got a good start on 3-5. HAHA EXCEPT OKAY. I was working on 3-5..... and it was problems 1-6. And the directions say.
"1-6 Solve Equations on Oral Exercises 7-12"
So what do I do?
I do Problems 1-6 under Oral Exercises.
Realize I did them wrong.
And then do the right ones.
That took a while. But at least I figured it out right away. :P.
SOMEONE Had to do it like three times. LOLOL. Its okay. That was totally me yesterday. :P
Towards the end of class I got tired of working and sat.

American Literature
Ewww. We took notes today; except they weren't laid out. We had to write them down as people said them. And god. People talk way too fast. I was gonna beat them down. My group had to present first... and we really didn't have that much information. Ah well. At least we talked slow. [Nikki did. I don't know if I did. LOLOL.] But anyways... so that took all hour + half and we still aren't done. Definately not as fun as yesterday but eh. It was pretty hard to beat yesterday!!!

My dad and mother had a parental meeting with a Disgruntled parent; so I was stuck at school til around 4. But this was okay. Emily and Beth + etcetera were in the cafeteria and I helped out with Emily's wordsearch thing... even though I'm not in Spanish. It doesn't take much skill to be like "NERVIOUSIO" or something. LOLOL. German rocks your socks, anyways. Well... actually Japanese does. But strictly speaking in the sense of classes offered at Lourdes.... German is the best. LOL. But I helped get a lot of words and I wandered a lot. I took a trip up to the art room... [EXCITED FOR THAT CLASS. BECAUSE IT IS LIKE... a BLOW OFF CLASS FOR ME.] and wandered other places.

I talk a lot though. I wonder if people are laughing AT me or WITH me sometimes. Most likely with me because... I find myself really weird anyways. So I'm like "PSSHT WHAT U TALKIN BOUT FOO?" Actually I would say that. I mean. I don't take things seriously like that.... Everyone = LOVE. And I figure if people don't like the way I act they really don't have to talk to me. Its not like I'm unbearable or something. I don't think. Hmmm..... Will Ponder this.

Took a trip to Target earlier on todaaaaay. I bought.
1] New INTENSE!mints. [not the same kind but we'll give them a try.]
4] Listerine Strips. [FRESHMINT FLAVOR.]

hahaha that looked like "freshman flavor". *love*

Basically it was a replenish mint supplies! thing.. I was going to buy DDRMAX2. But they don't have it. The losers. How can you not have that game in stock?? Ugh. They had the dance pad; yeah. [albeit it was a crap one.] Hmm..

We then picked up Litte Caesars Pizza.

I ate too much at dinner tonight. 2.5 pieces of pizza. Ataaa. Bread = Gut Bomb. I hurt my teeth chewing it too. Gr @ You Braces. Yah you. LOL. Anyways. So I ate a lot. And now I am way full.

My AOL Instant Messenger program hates me. It makes my away message stick up all the time. [Permanent Sticky Notes.] and changes my text to Times New Roman like... randomly. Grr.

Tonight I have to study for my Chemistry.


The following crap is really picture-intensive. I think. Maybe not. Just take caution, kay?
Mel is teh Photo God.Collapse )</center>


Random Pictures from people / by me. LOLOL.Collapse )
Wasn't that fun? LOLOL.</center>


Kay. I wrote like. For an hour. Or something ridiculous. So now I'm going to go play DDR because I can. I really really wanted to go to the Girl's Volleyball Game tonight, but my mom and dad are taking some stupid teaching class at St. Peter's and so I have no ride.

Frustration @ Can't drive.

Oh but this will change. >D

And I have to study the stupid IONS now, too. UGH. UGH. UGH.

Someone. Help. :P

I'm thirsty.



Ñ 11 wanna HAVE SOME FUN D

ew!gross. [24 Sep 2003|06:48pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

I'm warning you.

my 8th grade yearbook pictureCollapse )

Hahahha. Ew. Now. That might explain any self-conscious behavior, apprehension or weariness.

I haven't gotten my homecoming pictures back yet. I don't really want them back. They're all gonna be like "EW!GROSS." Anyways.




That's all I really wanted to post; since some of you were curious.

Sorry to Blinnnnd you. <3



MIXED BERRY. [24 Sep 2003|03:54pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Dear Koppu,
      Okay. Today was um, weird. I should've known I was going to be out of it from the start; but here we go.

The Morning.
Woke up at 6:30 this morning; which is a bit late. We had to rush out of the house right away because both my parents had a staff meeting at school at like--- really early-- so I forgot a number of things.
1. My Chemistry Binder.
2. My Listerine Strips.
3. My mind.
I didn't eat breakfast because I didn't have time, so I randomly ate Tic-Tacs during Chemistry. Which is bad. LOL.

The Chemistry.
It turns out it didn't matter that I didn't have my Chemistry binder. I just re-wrote up my lab format thing and we did a lab the whole time. Sponge Howie is still okay, so that's good. Amanda, we haven't checked up on Wanda Wingtop for a while. I hope she is okay. [haha. LOL] Um. We finished the lab way early -- as it was crap anyway -- and went over to read graduated cylinders. Which. um. sucks. So we read like two and went back to our seats.

I learned how to use the photo copier today. Well, for mass copies anyways. I made like 100 assignment sheets. They were all warm and such--- LOLOL. Its fun, you guys.

We also have a test on Friday about crap. Yes, crap. And I am excited.... so. Don't you worry.

The Homeroom
Okay. I forgot it wasn't a MESSED UP DAY. So I went to my 2nd block class instead of homeroom and I was just like "Umm.... you guys aren't supposed to be here.." Yeah it was great fun. I realized it, eventually, and ran halfway down the hallway, then halfway back to get my chemistry book, then went down to homeroom. Mr. Trader got all the forms and stuff I need to have turned in for Trees so that is out of my hair. Thank god. LOL.

Alexsuu wasn't in class today. And most of the kids in that class are really freaky. Like really freaky. And I was scared of them. [LOL.] So I sat at the farthest chair and worked on the Safe Rides Website. Here.. I thought it was an OKAY layout anyways.... considering the program they have there is for crap and I don't know how to use it. For the graphics, I mean. It was actually made for 800 x 600 for once in my life, so all you HUGESCREEN people can revel in this mystery for a while.

Lunch. Okay. I have some complaints.
1. There are never pretzels.
2. The yogurt is crap.
If they would fix those things I'd be very happy. Mixed Berry yogurt is like, the crappiest thing I've ever had the misfortune to eat. I don't know why I even bother to eat it. I mean, pay for it. I don't eat it. I wait in line for 10 minutes, dip the spoon in the yogurt once.... eat some of it off, and then throw the yogurt away. They need Melanie-Portion-Sized servings. Ataaa. Rachel did give me a cheetoh though- so that was generous. Also, Greg gave me like, a little bit of his pizza crust-- so now I have to try and remember to burn him a copy of Paintshop Pro 7.

Algebra 2.
My head was so gone during this class. I kept getting the answers wrong and I didn't know what I was doing wrong. And I'd do twelve problems; check; they'd be wrong, so I'd do them again x infinity. And it wasn't even that hard. I feel Extremely stupid. If it weren't for the fact I was good at other things in life, and had nothing to compare myself to, or standards... I'd probably be like.... "whooo caaaresss" and have a GPA of 2.0 instead of 4. LOLOL. UGH. It'd be easier to maintain; that's for sure. So anyways--- Algebra 2. I have like a lot of homework because I didn't get any done during class today. And I was trying. Which makes things like, 10x sadder. I'm going to bomb this test. It can marry my Chemistry one. And they can spawn more evil for the world. Wouldn't that be awesome? LOLOL [wtf??]

American Lit
This class was really really really fun today. My wrist had cramps from doing all this writing in the beginning, but the last half. Man. It was just all rambling and stories and laughing. I felt sooo bad for Mrs. Peshek when she was talking about her weight like that though. Um. LOL. Even if she was laughing it was probably really really embarassing for her. Ugh. I'll beat her mother-in-law. LOLOL. But yeah. It was really great. We're doing Drama stuff now. Better than poetry by a million... though, the project seems more annoying and the test is crap. THREE ESSAYS. I hate that.

/kay so that was my day.

Now we move onward into unimportant, random topics that don't have anything to do with my day but I feel the need to mention anyway.

Two ] LOL. I found out more people read this than I thought. That is funny. Maybe I should post entertaining things in here for once. I really think it'd be cool to have like... a tracker though. So I could at least know who is reading it. LOL. Maybe I'll invent one.
Three ] I dunno. Maybe I'll post some pictures and stuff later on tonight or tomorrow. Right now I need nutrition... as I really have not eaten today. And they have pizza in. And it smells good.

      m e l c h a n u u u u u u u u u.


Dumb Post. <3 [23 Sep 2003|08:50pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Dear Koppu
          This is getting old.Collapse )

HAH! So anyways!! Work tonight was really stupid. I had to wash the windows like 5 times and I was really, really gonna beat someone. Do you know how annoying it is to wash the same spot for like an hour? If I'm not doing it right, someone else should just do it. That would make more sense. Also this girl I work with is Pregnant and she's not married. I only noticed because she used to be really skinny and now she has this huge lump. I feel bad for her; she can't support that kid. She better not have an abortion either or I'm going to have to beat her; along with the stupid manager who made me wash the windows. Times infinity.

I did one of my math assignments earlier on today and now I just have one more and then my chemistry. I hate doing homework so I'm not going to do either of them.

Also, I keep forgetting to turn in my permission forms for Trees for Tomorrow so I turned them into the office tonight after school was way over so he can't yell at me for not having them in. I'm so excited to go. I guess kids from West are going too, so maybe I'll know people. I mean, other people. Aside from Lourdes.

DDRMAX2 Comes out tomorrow.... I am sosososoosososoosooos excited. Alex, we have to play. It'll be so so fun. <3 <3

Anyways, I still feel like a loser. People keep telling me I am one. LOL. Even if it is just kidding around. Hmm. Maybe I really am sort of stupid. Ugh, anyways....

I have the highest score w/ Amanda in American Literature. And its 99.6%. So like. If all these kids want a nice little curve to their grade; they better be nicer. :P [curve = any points needed to make the highest score in the class 100%. example. If I have a 94%, the whole class will get 6% onto their grade and I will be at 100%. So as the grades stand right now, they'd only get .4% added. I'll prolly lose points anyways in these units but still. ]

As nice as I am.... I don't really think its fair.... to work so hard. And then have everyone else get the same as me. But maybe I'm being selfish in thinking this.

LOL. This is way beside the point of me being a loser now. I just feel like one all the time.
osidjfsoidfj.... old againCollapse )

Ugh. @ It.

I'm trying to decide what to do with something and I can't quite figure it out. Hm. Should I go on the trip, or should I stay home.


Most of my moods start with C because I'm too lazy to scroll down any further. LOL [22 Sep 2003|06:01pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Dear Koppu

Hahaha, this has to be unhealthy. That's all I'm going to say on the subject; but really. Just. Whoa.

I've been eating a bit more lately... When I say "more" I mean; more than a spoonful of yogurt and a bowl of macaroni. Today I ate, well actually this is a bad example. I had three-four Rocky's breadsticks. Which to me is a whole lot. So I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I just want to get all this crap over with ofijdfogijdfgodfigj. Its gone on WAY too long. And I'm so tired tired tired of it. UGH.

School today was pretty good; meaning that I didn't fail any of my tests and nothing was a disaster. Here's the breakdown. Since today was interesting. LOL.
recap recap recap
Someone took my damn stupid binder. Who on earth would even want it? Now I have to reorganize the piece of crap and stuff. Ugh. All my notes were in there too. At least Amanda has the comic in her binder or else I would have to go and attack people. LOLOL. Lemme just say this again... our teacher is so weird. After I told him my binder was missing he was like, telling me his plot to catch the culprit... and I was just like "Umm.... okay.... Kin' I sit down now??". And he says the weirdest things too, so I don't know what to think about that class. Maybe he takes stuff before our class to calm him down, and it messes up his mind a bit. He did tell us that he would be a druggie if given a choice. Oh what a wonderful example!

We got our tests back today and I didn't fail. I got an 87.5% on it, which is like, whoa. LOL. I thought for sure I bombed it. So I'm excited. YAY ME.

Okay, Me and Alex. We don't do anything in this class. We're supposed to be making a website for SAFE RIDES. But of course we haven't been. I mean we have been; but not to the best of our skill. Today I made THIS WEBSITE in HTML class. It is supposed to be really crappy and bad and stuff and I'm really pleased. It makes me laugh. A lot. Omg. Mr. W thought were were high or something; and Alexsuu made a mock-convo between me and her and I would post it because its fricken' hilarious but it pertains to certain people that I'd rather not bring up in this. LOL. For their sake. It was good stuff though. LOL.

I was already hyper from HTML class so I couldn't eat. Actually, really, the yogurt was for crap. Mixed Berry. It looked really really really gross, so I didn't eat it. And I mean I don't usually eat most of the yogurt but this was just BAD. Ergh x infinity to the third. I rhymed.

Algebra 2:
I was freakishly energetic during this class. Even though the topic was dead boring [Slope. Slope. Slope.] I was still all "Eeeeehehehehe." Which is amazing. I started doing my homework and ended up going in reverse order. I never work on my stuff in class though. I really should because it would save me time at home. LOLOL. But I can't connncentrate for that long.

I attempted to break my pencil today in a 'rage'. LOL. It took me like, 5 minutes. Stupid pencil. I hope it rots. YEAH. Ben broke it again then, so now I have this mini pencil that completely rocks my socks. I need to find a better sharpener so I can actually use it. Its adorable; I might scan it. Mhmmm.

American Lit:
We got our tests back [104%] and our essays [A- / A]. I enjoy my grades very much and have no problem with them;;; but like a lot of people did bad and so I feel bad. I suck at Math though so like... um, it works out. Then we just fooled around the rest of the time and I played Trivial Pursuit. I didn't cheat too much. HAHA.
recap recap recap

Okay so yeah. That was my day. At school anyways. I came home and watched Inu Yasha for a while and now I feel like speaking in Japanese. Japanese is the best language. SUGOI DESU NE. I wish I Could spell something right though. I wish they tought it at Lourdes. Ergh. I wish I wish I wish.

I played DDR yesterday. OMG. I love thaaat gaaaame. I did really good. Surprisingly. I want to get even better though; like Shannon. HAHA. <3 LOVE @ MY OHIO WORM.

And Ecksuu and I are weirdos. Really. I love my Alexsuu to death and beyond. <3 <3 <3 <3

On a random note. I wish I could switch places with people and see how much of a loser I am. I really think it would be painful. Ugodijosijsdfsodfijsd. How come I gotta be so weird??? LOLOLOL.


Now, I really really really ought to be doing other things. Such as: Dance Dance Revolution, Homework, Nothing.

So Imma gonna go. ^_^.

.... if anyone reads it! LOL.

Oh yeah. If any of you guys who read this journal and want a journal, um, want one. Just ask me and I will give you el code. Because I am that cool. :P

Mel-chanuu the Great


Homecoming 2003 [21 Sep 2003|01:34pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Dear Koppu,

So we had homecoming last night.

The Before

Woke up around 11 am and took a nice, long shower. Wandered around the house until about 1:45 whence upon I went to the Football game. We lost, of course, I think the score was 14-54 hahahahahah ouch. I wasn't really paying much attention to the game though. Our float won first place. Hahaha, I wasn't surprised. It was pretty good, actually. I enjoyed ripping it apart very much, though, and stomping on the gate was the highlight of my day. [LOL JK.]

Left the game early with Alexsuu to head over to Kaitylnn's to get my hair and makeup done. Kaitylnn did a really nice job with my hair and Alexsuu did a really really nice one with the makeup--- but it did look sort of funny. I wasn't in my dress when they did it, I was in blue jeans and a shirt--- haha. But it was really nice anyways.

Alex dropped me off at my house around 5:30 and I got changed and everything and took some pictures with my brother. Then at 6:15 we went over to Menominee park and got our pictures taken. Haha. Alexsuu and her date weren't in any of them though.... because he forgot dress shoes and was late. Bwaha, <3 It was okay though.

After pictures we went over to China Buffet for dinner. This is the most I have eaten in like, weeks. But it was really really good. I sat with Meris, Ashley, Jackie and Luke down at the way end and we had a blast. We put pepper, salt and that sugar substitute crap into Luke's water when he went to get ice cream. Jackie got the weirdest note from the Cashier. It said "The girl in the navy blue dress is the winner". I guess a customer gave it to her. It was really funny. LOLOL. We paid, [and it was like really expensive because of a tip or something], made a trip to the bathroom to make sure we were still beautiful [haha] and went over to Ashley K.'s house for pictures.

Now. This was probably the best part of the before. Ashley, Meris and I were going to pull into the driveway behind Alex and Mike. There wasn't really room in the driveway so, Ashley K. told Mike to pull up on the road and park. He interpreted it as "Pull onto the grass", [which I did too], except the GRASS = DITCH. He pulled into it anyways.

So we sat.

For like, fourty-five minutes until a tow-truck came. And took about 20 million pictures. LOLOL.

</u>The During</u>

We got to the dance at 9 pm, which is only a half hour after it started. I was really hyper and jumpy so I ran in ahead of everyone else. For most of the night I was a bit crazy, and I think people thought I was drunk. I dunno. I was only trying to get my mind off things. *cough* He didn't talk to me much all night. Like, at all. So I was a bit frusterated at that. It seems like he was ignoring me. I tried not to let it get to me. I felt bad when the dance was over, though.

Anyways, I didn't slow dance with anyone but Ashley and Meris [*COUGHRACHELCOUGH*]. We had fun doing that!! LOL. Twirling is the funnest thing ever. I probably looked like such a dork. Now that I think about it. Hahahaha omg. :P But its really okay I think. At least I wasn't like "Psht. This is shizzat is so gay y0." I didn't really hang around much of the kids from my class.... now that I think about it. I mean I did talk to them but mostly I was hanging around with Meris and those guys. Which was really fun actually.

They played like all the slow songs in a row Wtf? You're supposed to give people time between so they can find someone else. Ugh. And they also played like..... four million country songs in a row. Good. God. I wanted to beat the D.J. Country music is the DEVIL.

They had this whole huge thing of balloons, and I kept pulling on them. I wanted to fly. :P

The After

Jackie, Luke and I went over to this party at Keith's house afterwards which, in short, really sucked. Um. It was the most boring thing I've ever been to in my life and I had no fun whatsoever. We didn't stay very long and headed over to Ashley's house. I was going to sleep over but decided I didn't want to get up really early in the morning and that I was tired so I just had my dad come and get me. I saw a bit of Anger Management while we were waiting though.

Finally went to bed around 3 am, and woke up this morning at 1.

End Homecoming.

Now today I have to decide to be lazy or to do my homework.

I'm leaning towards lazy. I definately need to take a shower though, as my hair poofs out forever away from my face. LOLOL.

I might do some of my math. Procrastinate. LoL.

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Most Real Stuff you'll EVER SEE. So enjoy it. [19 Sep 2003|11:24pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Dear Koppu,
      I hate homecoming. I really do. I hate being all alone. Its just stupid. And okay, I could take it. I just wish people didn't get my damn hopes up all the time. You know, that is why I don't tell anyone anything. Its pointless and always backfires. If I hadn't invested all that money into a dress and ticket I wouldn't even go tomorrow. This is so not worth it. I'm not even going to dance with anyone. [ LOL Rachel, you know its true.] I'll be watching. Like I always do. I'm tired of it.

Okay, Koppu-kun, I'm done with my negative rambling. I just got back from Float Building early. It was too cold and stuff. I drove home again and did a nice job. I took one turn a little too wide but other than that it was fine. I'm trying to get in a lot of driving time before it snows.... ugh.

My teeth are still hurting like mad. I tried to eat pizza tonight [after cutting it up] and I mostly suceeded but now I feel way too full and my teeth are sore. I wish you didn't have to eat. Maybe I don't. That would be funny. Ho ho ho. I'm gonna try not to eat anything for a few days. Just for fun.

Oh, sort of on the theme of the Float. Our float this year looks good, I think. Some of it is a bit cheap looking but its not supposed to be great. The knight looks like an air duct. I think they should have used a ventihilation[whatever] cover for his head though, it would've matched better. And taken less work. I was having a ton of fun at first. LOL. Painting, wandering, talking to people. But like, I dunno. Around 9 o clock it just went downhill. I think jealousy is a sin, isn't it? Maybe? I'm jealous. A lot. That's also why I left.

We read our poems in American Literature today, Koppu-kun. I read Lyin' Larry because it makes me laugh. But I get really really nervous talking in front of people, so like, I didn't read it as well as I thought I could've.

After that we had the Pep Rally. Alexsuu was in it and she did such a wonderful wonderful job. I'm sooo proud of her!! I felt a bit lonely at the Pep Rally, though. Although there is this new girl, Elizabeth, she's really nice. I sat by her and Amber and Rachel and they were making random comments. I would've laughed louder but teacher-people were giving me death glares and I was a bit frightened.

People say I have an interesting laugh.... I guess it is? I feel like a little kid though. I dunno what that has to do with my LAUGH but....... I do feel little. I feel like people treat me as though I'm a bit dumb even though I'm way smarter than they are. [Sorry. LOL.] And... I'm short and I don't wear makeup or anything like that. And I just say what I'm thinking. [If its unimportant; I have issues saying things that mean a lot to me. Or, if I care what the other person thinks.] Anyways, I don't mind, I suppose. Its just... well....

I went shopping today for the rest of my homecoming things. I bought Alex a present, too, because she deserves it. I sort of wish I hadn't invested all this money in this... Its just gonna be like everything else lately. I can't wait til this week is over so I can continue my life as normal.

Attaata.a.a.... I should probably finish this after I've been on my walk. Right now I'm all weirdish. I tried on my dress + whole outfit today and I think it looks really nice.... so I'm happy with that at least. I've lost like 20 pounds since school started... which brings the grand total up to like..... [after gaining some + losing it again] 80 pounds. Lost. LOL. That's really good but it makes me sort of depressed because I remember how unhappy I was. And I still see myself as that. Ugh. And I was shorter then. Ew. Ew. Ew. /gay paragraph.

I'm really excited for Trees for Tomorrow though!!!!! I think its gonna be really really fun. I missed it in 8th grade and so now this is my chance again. I gotta get the permission slip in and I'm all set. This is gonna be so fun fun fun fun fun fun fun. I hope I don't get ignored. Then I'll have to attack people, and really, guys, that won't be cool. :P

I just realized that this is a really dumb + stupid + idiotic post and I shouldn't be posting it on this journal because it contains references to things that I'd rather not touch on. However, maybe it'd be nice for people to see how I'm feeling? LOLOLOL Even if it is kind of retarded. And pointless.


I'm done now. ^_^. Ecksuu---- call me. I might not be online when you get home and I have to know what's going on tomorrow or else I will be infinately confused. And that would be crap. Call even if its like, 2 am. LOLOL.

Sorry for the boring/stupid post. Usually they are more positive. XDDDDD. <3 Luffufufuufufufuf [unless you are native to chie and know the details of this crap.]

Mel-chanuu :D

edit I'm not gonna go on a walk. I'm gonna cuddle upstairs in my blankets and watch DVD's. Try and get my mind off things that I see. And don't want to see. *cough*

Ñ 12 wanna HAVE SOME FUN D

FIRST POST .... enter the koppu [18 Sep 2003|07:11pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Welcome to KOPPU.

< begin post >

Dear Koppu
     Today was interesting, I think. I had two tests. Ugh. I think I really did okay on the American Literature one. It was all about poetry and stuff. I didn't think I'd do good... I had only really looked at the notes after finishing my test in Algebra 2. [That test is another story :P] I was really spaced out in Chemistry today. I just got my braces on yesterday, and so my teeth were hurting like a @#$@#$@#4.... but I took a lot of aspirin this morning-- which worked really good on the pain-- but sort of made me a bit out of it. I can't remember anything we did in Chemistry today.... other than the fact it was something to do with Sig Figs. I only recall that because I haven't eaten and it reminded me of Fig Newtons. HAHA. How retarded is that?

Tomorrow is Friday. Which is good. That means that Homecoming is really soon. I'm excited. I picked out my dress last weekend. Its really pretty--- I just have to go out and get a necklace + other stuff before the dance. I'm going alone-- which is okay. I mean, I'm going with Alex and her little group to China Buffet. LOL. Maybe I'll pick up a Sexy Chinese Man. [HAHA] I don't think I'll even be eating that much. I might just go and steal something from Alex's plate. Like maybe some General Tso's Chicken. I'm not paying $9.50 to stare at rice, my friends. I'll entertain them with the Soy Chronicles. I should start writing up the format. Oh ho ho, how I love the China Buffet.

I got home tonight and watched a little bit of my Inuyasha DVD's. I finished up to episode 114. Its soooo good. But I really wish that I had all the episodes and didn't have to skip around like this. Stupid ***** who didn't send me my 75-102 yet. Ugh.

I'm trying to write my essay up at the same time. I can't find the double space feature on Corel Word... HAHA FOUND IT. That was really exciting. Um. Yeah. I just have to finish off the last paragraph and then do a conclusion. It really shouldn't take me very long--- and I showed Mrs. Peshek and she said it was good so YAH.. I also need to look up a poem to read tomorrow during class... I'm thinkin Shel Silverstein, just because he rocks my socks. [<3 @ Saying].

I wrote Alex a note today too! LOL In American Lit. I finished the test after like 10 minutes... but I didn't know that we were supposed to hang around in our seats, so I doodled on my test for about 15 minutes, then just sat for a while longer. After I turned it in I wrote this nice note. I was gonna draw pictures on it too, but I really didn't feel like it. It was decent, anyways. Anyway... I wrote too much. LOL. Sometimes I feel like I talk a lot and people get annoyed at me.

But you know what? I don't mind. I know sometimes its nice to be quiet and silent but.... its fun to talk, too. If you don't start the conversations, a lot of time the other people never will. And so you never end up talking to them or anything like that because you're afraid they don't want to talk to you. That happens to me like everyday. But I'm starting not to notice and I just talk anyways. I want to get to know these people. Even though I'm dead shy. LOL.... and I hate talking in front of large groups. Er. And I've been trying to hide these stupid braces but I'm always smiling. Someone, make me depressed. LOL. I can't wait til these things are off and I only got them like, yesterday. UGH UGH UGH. :P

We don't have Float Building tonight and that makes me kind of sad because I have a lot of fun when I go out there. And our float is randomly cool in that it is weird. HAHA. The knight looks like a bunch of air ducts and our tree looks like a Sludge Monster. I LOVE IT. I am going to photograph it........ when its all done. I guess we're having a pizza party on Friday after 10. Til like, midnight or soemthing. I wonder if my mom will let me drive home that late.

LOL SPEAKING OF THAT. She scares me. Whenever I start driving and she's in the car, she gets all jumpy. LOL. I've had my temps since June. I'm fairly sure I can drive somewhat decently now. And I really need to start driving more before it snows and crap. [I'm so lucky, taking my driver's test in the MIDDLE OF WINTER.]

I want to play Dance Dance Revolution tonight......... I haven't had a chance since I've been so busy. It is the funnest game ever in existance. EVER. EVER. EVER. And if you have never played it and you live by me you need to tell me. I will lend you it. Omg <3


*yawn* Anyways!!! I'm tired. Don't feel like writing anymore. Want to play DDR. Other.


much love to those of you who are added on my Other Journal. . [I figured out link alts.... love. love. love.]
and also love to the stalkers.

THIS JOURNAL WILL NOT BE FRIENDS ONLY. :D Its so screened as it is. LOL.

..............and I need an ICON.

and KOPPU means CUP. LOL.

</ end post >

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